... the perfect dog coat!

... the perfect dog coat

: The Perfect Dog Coat

is tailored to measure, individually designed and custom-made for the one dog. It is comfortable for the dog, convenient for dogs Mom and Dad, and suitable for any kind of weather.

Every dog loves its coat, as long as it fits like a second skin and offers the best of comfort.

Most important for the well-being is the exact and optimal fit. Basis for that is the shape and cut I have developed, a cut ideally enveloping the dogs back, keeping the chest warm and protecting kidneys and bladder from the cold; wrapping up your dog perfectly from neck to beyond hind legs. It is not the waist flap that achieves the just right fit of the coat, only loosely belts the coat. The perfect fit is a result of the right cut, tailored to the measure and individual body shape of the dog.

Alba, Felix and in the back Rudi - in Meerbusch
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