... the perfect dog coat!

... the perfect dog coat

: Coat types

Im basically making three types of dog coats and all of these are fastened around the dogs neck and its waist, deliberately designed to avoid having to slip the coat over the dogs head and eyes what in a lot of dogs, not to mention the less than brave amongst them, triggers the retreat and flight instinct. Due to this concept the coat is particularly suitable for anxious dogs, injured dogs, dogs untrained or inexperienced in wearing coats, and would even be suitable for cats. Cat owners will confirm that the purring companions can turn into wild beasts when they feel restrained by something on their bodies, against their declared will and would not be persuaded otherwise - but see for yourself: The coat is loosely put on the dog to let it feel the warmth and protection. The neck velcro-strip is loosely fastened (Picture right, special thanks go to the exceptional model Karl wearing an Italian Greyhounds coat), pets and humans remain relaxed (pictures bottom). And if you have a real Nervous Nellie, the waist strap can also be closed at a later stage as the coat fits already perfectly due to its special cut.

in Rudi's coat Karl may dare a leap in any pack of dogs
Karl the cat in a italian Greyhound coat from Rudi
Karl the cat? The cat?
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