... the perfect dog coat!

... the perfect dog coat

: Fluorescent collarmaterial, for dog´s safety

  • in fields and woods
  • in dog packs
  • on public roads
  • any time of the day, dusk and dawn, in all weathers

: Collars made of high-performance materials, made for high-performance dogs

  • extra wide, optional up to 20 cm, protection against playful neck nippers
  • soft, snug hi-tec material
  • expertly crafted, tearproof and biteproof in playful dog scuffles
  • wipeable and even mashine-washable

The material is fluorescent, just like reflecting cat’s eyes! Environment-friendly,
no batteries/LEDs needed that could leak or get damaged and are non-washable.

:Individual designs, styles and combinations in fluorescent colours

  • yellow and orange on black fleece 
  • contrasting or colour-coordinated 

: High-grade durability and resistance with

  • durable nylon webbing in yellow or black
  • nylon webbing inside or outside

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